Der Shifflerhaushalt

Shifflerhaus: Shiffler house
Shifflerhaushalt: Shiffler household

You'll see these and very occasionally other bits of German or other languages around the blog, because I enjoy and make a point of celebrating our blend of ethnic heritages: German, Italian, English, Scandinavian, Irish, and the possibility of a few other odds and ends. Our Catholic faith with its rich tapestry of culture and history is an integral part of our daily lives, and we love learning about the historic religious traditions of the countries our ancestors called home.

We're a family of four, with one little saint in heaven. We live in a fairly rural area in central Alaska: we haul our own drinking water and heat our house primarily with wood, but we do have indoor plumbing and electricity.

Our cast of characters:

Matt, paterfamilias and IT expert
Rosalie, hausfrau and freelance writer
Little Bear, story-lover and Lego demolition expert, making life exciting since July 2012
Squirrel, Alexandra Reese, born into heaven 26 April 2014
Kit, sweetest little girl ever, sleeping through the night ever since her June 2015 debut

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