About Us

Welcome! We're a Catholic family of five, with one little saint in heaven. We live in a fairly rural area in central Alaska, where I homeschool our oldest and spend my own free moments continuing to learn how to balance healthy eating, keeping up with the home, and a budget, all around the changing needs of a growing family and the challenges of celebrating our faith in our everyday lives.

Thanks for joining us!

Our cast of characters:

Matt, paterfamilias and IT expert
Rosalie, hausfrau and freelance writer
Little Bear (LB), 5, story-lover and Lego demolition expert
Squirrel, Alexandra Reese, born into heaven 26 April 2014
Kit, 2, wearer of sparkly skirts over overalls
Otter, our brand-new little boy as of March 2018!

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  1. Perhaps a debate on the Eucharist will wake you up out of your spiritual coma...