03 September 2012

Sleep Theory #57

Yesterday afternoon, Little Bear fell asleep at 3 pm. An hour and a half later he was still napping, and rather than wake him up, I lay down for a nap myself.  Predictably, he woke up 10 minutes later and Matt brought him to me to eat.  He dozed off again as he was eating, and I was so tired that I just let him sleep.

I think the theory was that a) I needed sleep in order to be able to cope with waking up with him throughout the night, and b) he wanted to sleep now, thus offering me a chance to get some rest, so c) we should both sleep for as long as he wanted to.  He woke me up three hours later.

Was it a good idea to let him take a four-and-a-half-hour nap ending at 8:30 pm?  No!  He was very sweet-tempered and alert until falling asleep for the night two hours later, and is again very happy and alert this morning, but it is not yet half past six and we have been up for more than an hour... count this as another failed theory for a successful night's sleep.

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