15 October 2012

Jet Lag

Whoa... Long week, wonderful trip, nowhere near enough sleep. There will be a real post soon, I promise, but for now here are a few quick takes:

Snow. The first thing I noticed as we made the final descent into Fairbanks last night was the dusting of snow on the runway. Oh, no we groaned. Please let it all be gone by morning? It wasn't. In fact, it has been snowing steadily off and on since we woke up. Ohio was so nice and warm... I wasn't ready to come home and confront winter just yet.

The Flying White Noise Machine. The baby was so *good* on all of our flights! He was asleep before takeoff every single time, only woke up enough to eat briefly, and went back to sleep without fussing. Several times, as we were disembarking, people in the rows in front of or behind us expressed surprise at seeing a baby with us -- they'd had no idea he was even there.

Nouns. I'm not sure why, but we've taken to referring to objects in terms of what they do in relation to Little Bear: the flying white noise machine, the box of lights and sounds, mommy's (or daddy's) talking box, the child-quieter. Have we been very tired for the past week and a half? Yes.

The Heroic Moment. It is so hard to practice St Josemaria Escriva's "heroic moment" when you got home from the airport at 2:30 am... Is it cheating to wake up and say the morning offering, but stay in bed feeding the baby for a while?

Leave. Several months ago when we booked our tickets, Matt decided to take one extra day of vacation -- the day we got home -- rather than going directly in to the office. After getting home so dreadfully late, I'm so glad that he did! How in the world would we have gotten him out the door, with breakfast and lunch, four hours after going to bed? It would have been miserable.

Weddings. I am so grateful that we could be present to witness the wedding of our friends Hank and Megan this weekend! As we flew home, Matt and I found ourselves talking about our own wedding, remembering some of the choices we made that probably drove many people crazy, but so happy with how everything turned out. We pray that the newlyweds will have as blessed and joy-filled a first year of marriage as we did!

Sleep. I definitely need to take advantage of the baby napping on me to take a nap myself... Everything is unpacked, washed, and organized, the house cleaned, and dinner prepared, so I can doze for a bit with a clear conscience. More later!

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