11 December 2013

Lazy Blogger, Crazy Life

...Except, it hasn't really been all that terribly crazy the past few days... it just rhymed...

Anyway. I keep looking at the calendar these past few weeks and saying, "How is it Wednesday again and I haven't posted anything?" The holiday season is definitely an easy time to catch Lazy Blogger Syndrome, allowing my little corner of the internet to languish for days and days with no activity while real life picks up the pace. Recently it hasn't been lots of things needing to be done as much as lots of things coming up; it seems like every day so far this week has brought several new things to try to squeeze into our schedule for the next two weeks. Two weeks until Christmas, y'all!

There's so much to do, and it is getting done--today I hemmed up Little Bear's too-long black pants for his Christmas outfit and wrapped some presents, yesterday Little Bear helped me bake four more mini-loaves of pumpkin bread to give as gifts--but with new things popping onto the calendar right and left, suddenly my nicely-ordered days of predictability and structure are all being overturned: I was dismayed this evening to look at my calendar and realize that there is at least one extra, atypical, usually out-of-the-house, thing happening pretty much from now through Christmas!

Tomorrow I get a tiny reprive, because we were supposed to have supper with my family but my mom and brother have pinkeye, and the last thing I need is a toddler with pinkeye, so we are staying home. I feel sorry for them, but also a little bit guiltily grateful for a whole day at home with nothing extra happening, so that maybe I can finally make a batch of cookie dough or two, or buttermilk-cinnamon mini-loaves, or stollen... Except that it's the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so I'll probably spend too long puttering around coming up with a Mexican-themed supper and then Little Bear will be all. done. letting me accomplish things in the kitchen, and the baking will get put off yet again.

No, I shouldn't say that; Little Bear is getting to be a big help in the kitchen. He loves sitting on the counter in front of me and watching while I use the stand mixer for quickbread or cookie dough, and when I'm making yeast breads, like tonight's hamburger buns, he gets so excited when I let him help me knead and punch down the dough. Occasionally an errant spice jar winds up slipping surreptitiously into my batter, but he's usually pretty good about asking before he adds ingredients. He has learned how to use measuring spoons pretty well, and it's a good thing he asks first or everything would wind up with a lot of extra baking soda in it!

Hopefully with a free day to play catch-up on my big to-do list, and a weekend coming up so Little Bear can wrestle with his daddy while I knock more things off the list, I'll manage to find a little bit more free time for blogging. I miss it when I take to many days off in a row! For the next couple of weeks, though, the general busyness will most likely keep cutting into my writing time.

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