12 January 2014

What I Wore Sunday {38}

It seems the weather patterns have returned to normal: most of the Lower 48 is back to positive temperatures if not above freezing, and we were back down to -36 F this morning. Oh, winter.

It's not all that bad, I say as I'm sitting snugly inside wrapped in a sweater, a 25-pound heater snoring on my lap. But really, it's not---you just have to know how to deal with it, and avoid spending unnecessarily long outside. Little Bear and I will still run out and check the mailbox in this weather, because staying inside all day long for days on end with a toddler is enough to make you crazy; we probably spend longer getting into and out of our gear than we do outside, but he's always so happy to get out for even those few short minutes.

This morning Matt was apparently on autopilot, because at the campus roundabout we headed east toward his office instead of northwest to Mass. We thought we were going to be late after that detour, but I guess the cold had everyone moving slowly today: we were practically the first people there! 

I don't have a full shot today, because we were in a hurry and there was an angry toddler clinging to me, but:

Everything's ancient or thrifted, as always. Hair courtesy of a little boy waking me up every twenty minutes all night long; eyelash-shadows on my nose (eyelash-shadows! I didn't know that was possible) courtesy of weird lighting.

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  1. LOL at the angry toddler clinging... I have a similar reason why there was no full-length photo of me as well! Stay warm! This cold is brutal.