01 March 2015

How be Catholic

This morning I got Little Bear dressed, then sent him in to see his dad while I got myself ready. I came in to find him happily bouncing on our bed, shouting something that sounded like "happy Catholic." They'd been talking about me teaching RCIA, Matt explained, and Little Bear was excited about me teaching people "how be Catholic."

Not five minutes later we got a good reminder of how much work we have to go, teaching that to our own munchkins: Little Bear, still bouncing, was talking excitedly about going to church to see Father. "And see Jesus, right?" I reminded him. 
"In tabernacle!" he exclaimed. "Jesus is in all the tabernacles."
"That's right! Very good."
"And all the bathrooms, and all the toilets!"

Two-year-old boys. What can you do with them? :-)  As Matt pointed out when we finally got over our smothered laughter, we have been trying to teach him that God is everywhere...

Last night's storm wasn't bad; we got about four inches of snow, which was packed down pretty well by the time we headed in to Mass this morning. Yesterday evening the roads were a little bit exciting in a couple of spots, but nothing too bad. I'm glad we didn't put off our date night: the restaurant was nice and quiet because not everyone wanted to be out on the roads, by the time we finished dinner the snow had stopped falling and we had a good view of the stars and northern lights, and best of all, we realized shortly before leaving the house that yesterday was exactly five years after our first date!

This morning, between a short homily and the promise of a chocolate doughnut, Little Bear was pretty quiet and well behaved in Mass. There were a couple of audible "All done now!"s while the deacon was reading a letter from the bishop right before the final blessing, but I can't entirely fault him for that; he knows the order of the Mass and when everything ought to be finished, and it was a fairly long letter that really could have been stuck into the bulletins instead... He did get his doughnut.

And as we finished eating brunch at home after Mass, Little Bear turned to me with a big smile and said, "Thank you go to church!" I'm so glad he's happy to be there!

Shirt: Cocomo, thrifted
Skirt: street fair find years ago

We're supposed to have highs in the upper 20s to mid-30s all week... It's crazy to see this so early, but we're having trouble honestly believing that we will get any more real cold this winter. It was only 8 F when we got up this morning, though, so I figured I'd better wear my long purple skirt in case it got too warm to wear it later this Lent. Baby has this non-maternity shirt about as stretched out as it can get, and while I do have plenty of maternity tops, they all really only work with pants or very straight skirts. I'm going to have to find a couple of maternity dresses, and some more closely-fitted tops to wear with skirts... I'm only 24 weeks! We still have a ways to go.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! To see more What I Wore Sunday posts, hop over to Fine Linen and Purple.

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  1. Oh my gosh, best little-boy-quote ever! You guys are doing such a great job teaching him about the Mass and God and everything... I will definitely be consulting you for tips in a few years ;-)