31 August 2015

31 August

At least there was no precipitation today! Thank heaven. I cannot believe that I already have all of the kids' winter gear pulled out, that I have to have their winter things out. It is still August. This is ridiculous.

Little Bear was pretty excited that we got to drive "through the clouds" this morning; thanks to the cold it was quite foggy in the valley on our way in to town.

While we were out running a million errands this morning, we stopped in Once Upon A Child. The only thing I managed to cross off my (very short) list for either kid was a red plaid shirt for Little Bear, which was only on there thanks to Sunday morning's minor meltdown when he realized that none of his plaid flannel shirts were red like Daddy's... The trials of an Alaskan three year old. But! I did find a midweight jacket for Little Bear and fleecy "snowsuit" for Kit, to bridge the gap between what they'd been wearing outside and their real cold-weather gear.
And I'd really like to actually get a month or two of use out of the lighter gear, so hopefully we don't go sliding into full-blown winter for a while yet! I just looked back, and last year I was complaining about the first snowfall happening on September 30; at this point, not getting snow until the end of September sounds unlikely and wonderful.

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