02 May 2016

Going to bed before the sun

It's not quite summer yet, but we can tell that we're getting close: leaves are out, 52 degrees F actually felt chilly today (after ridiculously early high 60s last week), and the sun's insomnia is growing nightly. The sun rose at 5:11 this morning, and it won't set until nearly 10:30 tonight... and it'll be up again even earlier tomorrow.

When Little Bear was a baby, our apartment had blackout curtains, and we made good use of them! Our current apartment doesn't, though; it doesn't actually have any curtains, or the wherewithal to hang curtains—there are heavy insulating shades which block a fair amount of light, but plenty seeps in around the edges. I suppose that maybe we could ask for permission to put holes in the fancy pine-looking window-frames to mount curtain rods, but... that's a lot of work, and more money than we want to spend on a place that we're just renting. Little Bear didn't have much trouble with the light last summer, and Kit was small enough that she slept anywhere and everywhere, so we haven't bothered to do anything about it.

Well, I had a very insistent alarm clock at 6 o'clock this morning. Kit babbled cheerfully as she vigorously patted my face, "ah done, mama, mama, ah done!" All done sleeping, indeed.

Lately I've been putting her down for naps and bedtime with the window shade open to help her grow accustomed to sleeping with all of that sunshine pouring in, and she's done well staying asleep for most of the night... I'll keep working on it, and hope that we don't keep waking up so early! She's good and tired tonight, so we'll see if that helps.

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