04 June 2012

Trinity Sundae!

Terrible pun... so sorry.  We couldn't resist such a perfect excuse to make a banana split for dessert, though, and it was delicious!

Yesterday we celebrated Trinity Sunday, the solemnity reflecting on the mystery of the Holy Trinity, our belief that there are three Persons in one God.  I've always loved the story told of St. Augustine in relation to this mystery:

Augustine, bishop of Hippo, was walking along the shore as he struggled to find a way to fully explain the Trinity.  As he was pondering, he noticed a young boy digging in the sand with a spoon.  The boy ran to the water's edge, filled his spoon with water, and ran back to pour his spoonful of water into the hole he had dug.  Augustine watched him go back and forth several times, then came closer and asked the boy what he was doing.

"I'm going to pour the whole sea into this hole!" the little boy told the bishop.  Augustine smiled, and told the boy that it was impossible for the entire sea to fit into such a small hole.  The boy looked up at him thoughtfully.

"I will sooner fit the whole sea into this small hole," he said, "than you will fit the whole mystery of the Trinity into human comprehension," and as he vanished Augustine realized that he had been speaking with Christ.

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