26 July 2012

Attack of the Monster Rhubarb

I mentioned a few days ago that we have been blessed with a steady influx of produce recently from friends and family with gardens.  Over the past few days, it seems that everyone's rhubarb has suddenly, simultaneously, reached the critical must-be-picked-now point.  We are so grateful for their generosity, but I am becoming overwhelmed by the sheer size of the stalks appearing on our doorstep!

On the right, you see a normally-sized slice of rhubarb.  On the left, a slice from one of the monstrous rhubarb stalks that seem to be becoming the norm, as everyone's rhubarb grows more quickly than it can be picked and processed.  (In the center, of course, is a quarter).  Some of these immense stalks have been so unwieldy, our largest knife has had difficulty getting through more than one at a time.

Note:  This is not the tender, hothouse-variety rhubarb you may be used to seeing at the grocery store.  This is your entire daily requirement of fiber (and then some) bursting out of its allotted anthocyanins.  We are still a few weeks away from the state fair and accompanying largest-vegetable contests.  If the rhubarb doesn't slow down soon, I can't imagine what this year's winners will look like!

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