19 April 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 27

It's been a light blogging week here... There have been so many tragedies recently, I've struggled to find meaningful words. Our prayers continue to go out to all those who are suffering so much.

The househunting continues: we saw a cute little place last Saturday with a lot of very nice built-in storage, a fun tiled backsplash in the kitchen, and a nice yard with a garden and fire pit. Unfortunately, the neighborhood just didn't feel safe: one adjacent lot held an abandoned, derelict garage, and several others had the stereotypical "old alaskana" collection of rusting pickup trucks in the front yard. I know that many people up here like that, and that's totally their choice, but I just...don't.

Spring is back! I'm starting to feel a little silly, as we go back and forth between proclaiming it winter and spring, but this time I have a bit more confidence that the warmth is here to stay. The sun is shining all the time now, from before we get up until after Little Bear goes to bed, and the average temperature definitely rose this past week: it was already pushing 30 degrees by 9:30 this morning; by mid-afternoon, it could easily be 40! Don't laugh, that's practically tropical!

Watching Little Bear dream has become so much more entertaining as he's gotten older: his eyes dart back and forth, lashes flutter, fists flail, mouth twists into adorable grins and pouts. The other day I was startled by a sleepy "mama" as he--still dozing--looked for food. There are days when I wish he would nap in his crib instead of on my lap, but how could I complain about this?

What does "giving the baby solids" mean in your house? Our pediatrician was surprised, though not unsupportive, when he heard that most of Little Bear's solid food isn't delivered on a spoon, but I know other moms who have gotten an earful for that... Little Bear likes food that is big enough to hold and chew on: slices of fruit (peaches, pears, apples), adult-sized pieces of green beans and broccoli, whole crackers/baby cookies... I was a little surprised when he grabbed a muffin off the counter this morning, but he had great fun gnawing on it while I ate breakfast. The only foods he eats with a spoon are yogurt, applesauce, and oatmeal (real oatmeal, not baby cereal).

Spring cleaning fever has hit me hard again this year, but for the second time in a row, I can't give in to the urge to scrub everything ever within an inch of its figurative life: Last year I was pregnant and couldn't handle the smell of the cleaning agents, and this year there's Little Bear. As soon as it's warm enough to throw open the windows! I thought, but that will only work if its warm enough BUT the trees haven't yet begun releasing pollen, because of Matt's allergies. If I can wait until after the pollen subsides, though, my wonderful husband has promised to take Little Bear for some nice long walks on evenings or weekends to that I can clean.

For any local readers, I want to encourage you to consider attending the kickoff party for KQHE 92.7 FM, the first Catholic radio station in Fairbanks, next Friday! Bishop Kettler, Little Flower Ministries, and the general manager for EWTN radio will all be there to share information about the station, which should be on air in a couple months. Bring the kids and join us at the Princess Riverside Lodge from 7 to 8:30 pm, next Friday (April 26)!

Thanks to Grace from Camp Patton for hosting again this week, and congratulations to our regular host, Jen, who was able to bring her new little one home from the hospital today!


  1. We don't spoon feed past 6 months, and don't give many solids before. Since he gets most of his nutrition from breastmilk still, I take advantage of the time for him to learn to self-feed.

    And I'm lazy and want to spend my meals eating rather than spoon-feeding. ;)

  2. I tried feeding baby food to a baby once and lost my will to live after about the third spoonful. So, if my future babies want anything beyond milk, they're just going to have to snitch green beans off my plate or something.

  3. Relatedly: My mother likes to tell a story that took place when I was about 4 months old and my sister was almost 3. My sister ate a few bites of her lunch and then started doing the I-need-a-nap-so-I'm-being-obnoxious thing, and meanwhile I was squawking for food from my high chair. My mother just took my sister's almost untouched plate of fish sticks and french fries and dumped it in front of me to keep me entertained while she dragged my sister off to bed. When she came back, the food was gone.

    Also, when I was six months old I ate an entire stuffed flounder at Red Lobster. (My parents were out either for their anniversary or my mother's birthday, and my mother absentmindedly gave me bites of fish to keep me quiet and then suddenly realized that her dinner was GONE.)

    I'm not a bit allergic to fish, btw. Still love it.

    1. That's so funny! I'm glad you wound up not being allergic to fish... that would not have been fun.