26 April 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 27

A few weeks ago, I was complaining to Matt that I never get out of the house and do anything with people anymore; that I go grocery shopping and take the kid to the doctor and go to mass on Sundays, and that's all, ever ever ever. I am sooooooooo sorry to whoever heard me complaining and decided to teach me a lesson, pleasemakeitstopI'llnevercomplainagainIpromise. Since Wednesday, there has been at least one event on our schedule every single day through next weekend. And half of them interrupt nap time. I am so sorry for complaining. Not that I'm unhappy about any of the individual events, but good heavens, we are all going to go crazy.

It's been a while since we've had a photo of the little guy, hasn't it? Hard to believe he is only nine and a half months! He looks and acts older... Here he is eating a cookie at bedtime because his mom looked outside instead of at the clock and said "it can't be later than 6:30."

Does anyone else find denim skirts with slits up to the knees to be controversial articles of clothing? It seems that, here, wearing one makes pretty much everyone look at you like you're a terrible person: the conservative folks think you're dressing like a hooker, and the unconservative like you're an oppressed woman in a burka.

Speaking of clothing, I found the most gorgeous dress at the thrift store the other day! They had a rack of fancy dresses over by the dressing rooms, and I wasn't even going to look... Matt received this text when I got out to the car:
Your crazy wife tried on twenty skirts to find two that fit, then on her way to the register succumbed to marketing and bought a fancy party dress without even trying it on.
It was a Coldwater Creek, for $14. I couldn't help it. Sigh. I guess I have next year's Christmas dress taken care of!

We are beginning to consider how we will go about transitioning Little Bear from sleeping in our bed to his own. There's no firm deadline, but it would be nice to eventually go a night without being kicked in the face. :-) Since he's approaching ten months and is "sleeping through the night" (why do they define that as five hours? I think that's stupid--through the night should mean all night long), it seems like we might see success if we start trying soon. I picked up The No-Cry Sleep Solution and have appreciated Elizabeth Pantley's approach so far; I've read a lot of recent research indicating that crying it out can have negative effects on children, and we just can't put Little Bear (or ourselves!) through that.

If you haven't seen this yet, enjoy: a different sandwich for each day of the month.

So many kids are getting ready to receive their First Eucharist or Confirmation this time of year; don't forget to keep them and their families in your prayers!

So glad that our host, Jen, is back and she and her newest little one are doing well! Stop over to see her and the rear of the Quick Takers at ConversionDiary.com.


  1. 1. Your son is adorable!
    2. There is absolutely nothing on earth that is worse than appointments during nap time. I'm so sorry! :(

  2. Somehow I miss this post. I LOVE the dress you found! Lol you sound like me. Thrift store prices on quality (and gorgeous) clothing is just about impossible to resist.