22 February 2015

Crazy February weather

As I've been glorying in the beautiful warm weather we've been having recently, courtesy of the latest "polar vortex"—40 degrees by midday Saturday!—I conveniently forgot about one aspect of warmer places' winters that we don't like borrowing: ice storms.

It's 36 degrees right now. Freezing rain has been coming down since early this morning, and the roads are pretty much impassible. Our pastor had trouble making it five miles between the rectory and the church on flat city streets, in his built-for-off-roading jeep, so it would definitely be imprudent for us to attempt the drive in from where we live in the hills north of town. My parents live one hill closer to town than us, and had seen at least five cars in the ditch by 8:30 am.

This morning we lit a blessed candle while we read today's readings, along with the reflections from the Magnificat Lenten Companion and Fr. Robert Barron, since making in in to town for Mass wasn't possible. We're down to less than half a gallon of drinking water in the house, though... we'd planned to stop and fill the water jugs on our way home from Mass. Once the road crews get some sand down, we shouldn't have too much trouble making it to my parents' house, as long as we don't try to go down the other side of their hill, and we can fill the jugs there for this week.

Despite today's ice, the warm weather is still enjoyable. Yesterday Matt hauled wood—we're still lighting a fire in the evenings, although with the warm sunny days (and all the baking I've been doing) the house stays warm enough until then by itself. Five minutes after going outside, he stuck his head back in the door to let me know it that it was too warm for him to wear a coat. I dressed lightly myself, and put Little Bear in a lighter hat and mittens, but kept him in his winter coat and snowpants so he wouldn't get soaked playing in the snow.

We played outside for at least an hour, and Little Bear didn't want to come in!

I hope that whatever wintery weather you've wound up with, you're enjoying your weekend!

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  1. He's looking so much older now! And so cute :-) You guys had a warmer weekend than we did, that's for sure. I can't wait for spring!