12 February 2015

Things we don't understand

I don't understand... Where this week went. This is ridiculous, y'all; I managed a post every day last week. What happened? I don't know. Maybe it had something to do with all of my free moments being absorbed by a book... I guess I have time for reading or writing, but not both.

Little Bear doesn't understand... Why Mama wants to open the windowshades and turn off the lights in the middle of the day. Aren't we always telling him to keep them closed to keep the cold out? But it was 15 above today, and we have daylight again!

I don't understand... How I can be the same weight today, at 22 weeks pregnant, as I was at the beginning of pregnancy with Little Bear, yet I'm already too big for almost half of the maternity clothes that fit me well into the third trimester with him.

Matt doesn't understand... Green smoothies.

An apple, a handful of spinach, a few slices of peach and some prune juice. Yum.

Little Bear doesn't understand... The concept of "inside voices." Or at least he wants to pretend he doesn't. Good thing it's finally warm outside again!

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