12 September 2015

Mark the calendar

First snowfall of the year: September 12, 2015.

Everything melted by the time it hit the ground, and it's more drizzling than snowing now, but for a couple of hours we had big fat flakes falling. Eighteen days earlier than last year! I now feel like much less of a wimp for complaining that my hands were cold when I got home from a rainy run to the farmers market this morning.

We woke up to a pretty chilly house, so Matt and Little Bear stayed home to build a fire while Kit and I made a quick trip to the market in search of more apples. The folks with the apples weren't there—hopefully they'll be back next week if we have more favorable weather!—but I did bring home a few finds:

Two pounds of broccoli florets, three and a half pounds of green tomatoes, and three good-sized zucchini.

The broccoli is beautiful! I'd been worried I was too late in the season to find any, and I definitely should have started blanching and freezing it a month ago, but there was one woman with two one-pound bags of florets, and I scooped up both. This afternoon I'll blanch the broccoli, shred the zucchini, and get them all in the freezer. What could be better than vegetables that have gone farm to freezer in less than a day? The green tomatoes, we'll have fun with in the next few days.

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