09 September 2015

Nativity of Mary

Yesterday was Our Lady's birthday! The feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin is one of those fixed-date feasts that ties in with another date; in this case, we celebrate Mary's birth exactly nine months after the Immaculate Conception (December 8). 

It's so much fun celebrating feast days with a project-loving preschooler. When I told him yesterday morning that it was Mary's birthday, he jumped up all excited and asked if he could make a birthday card for Mary. While I fed Kit, Little Bear found himself a blank card and went to work. I didn't even get to see the inside until he opened it after supper, because he sealed it in an envelope and set it up next to the statue of Mary.

I really wanted to make it to Mass for the feast day. We sort of shoot for attending daily Mass once a week, on Fridays, but it definitely doesn't always happen. Yesterday was a pretty average illustration of why... Kit woke up from a nap demanding to eat; when she was done and I'd just gotten shoes on, Little Bear needed to be changed; when that was done and both kids were buckled in, Kit needed to be changed; when I finally pulled out of the garage I noticed that Little Bear had snuck his breakup boots on instead of decent shoes; and halfway down our road I realized that I'd forgotten the ring sling and I couldn't manage the store post-Mass without it... Most days, I would have given up several steps previous; yesterday, we slipped into the back at the end of the general intercessions. Ugh. At least we got there?

Birthdays call for cake, and Little Bear was very excited to help me bake a blueberry coffee cake for dessert.

Nothing terribly fancy, but a good day of reminders that we celebrate Mary as our mother, as a member of our family, and give thanks on the day of her birth for her role in the plan of salvation through her "Yes" to God's will.

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