23 August 2012

A Prayer for the Autumn

Yes, yes, I know; the seasons are only changing here in the Great White North (which is still quite green and sunny for the moment, thank you).  This prayer was too beautiful not to share, though.  I will try to remember to re-post it when the rest of the country approaches autumn!

O God of Creation, 
Thou hast blessed us with the changing of the seasons.
As we embrace these autumn days,
May the earlier setting of the sun remind us 
to take time to rest.
May the brilliant colors of the foliage remind us 
that all the earth is Thy masterpiece.
May the crunch of leaves beneath our feet remind us 
of the brevity of earthly life.
May the steam of our breath in the cool air remind us 
that Thou art the source of our lifesbreath.
May the migration of the birds remind us 
that Thou callst us to follow Thy Will.
Grant us, we pray, a bountiful harvest season 
to sustain us through the coming winter.
We praise Thee for Thy goodness, forever and ever.

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