07 August 2012

World Breastfeeding Week: Nocturnal Reading?

Waking up to feed Little Bear several times a night has me flying through reading material even more quickly than usual:  I'm currently subscribed to more than 35 sites in my Google Reader, we moved a bookshelf into our room right next to my side of the bed, I'm even saving the junk mail to read during marathon 2 am nursing sessions, and I am still running out of things to read.

Any suggestions?  I can't handle anything too deep in the wee hours of the morning, nor anything that needs to be translated, but outside of that I'm very open to suggestions!  Books, blogs, etc...

One book I would love to get my hands on for the upcoming long nights is Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Debut, by two alumnae from my alma mater.  It sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable read; hopefully soon I will be able to share my thoughts on it!


  1. Here are some blogs I follow. Some are friends, some I just stumbled across online. Some I haven't read in a long time, so I'm sorry if the blog has gone downhill.

    http://www.imalazymom.com/ (this blog I think has lost some of the flare it used to have, but you can always read old posts.)

    http://mommabehr.blogspot.com/ (friend from college, but she has some good posts)

    http://organicmamas.blogspot.com/ (also a friend...she posts a lot on Montessori)

    http://wemakethislookgood2011.blogspot.com/ (also a friend. She just had a baby)

    http://www.catholicmothersonline.com/ (this is an excellent place to go to find Catholic blogs. Select "blog roll")

    http://awomansplaceis.blogspot.com/ (another friend)

    http://chrisandlaurabissonnette.blogspot.com/ (also a friend)

    http://www.catholicsistas.com/ (a lot of courageous posts)

    http://www.citywifecountrylife.com/ (also a friend)

    http://www.conversiondiary.com/ (a Catholic convert)

    http://www.kellehampton.com/ (not Catholic. She has 2 daughters, the youngest is about Andrew's age and has Down's Syndrome. A lot of pictures.)

    I also follow National Catholic Register.

    Also follow some food blogs for recipes. http://www.superhealthykids.com/

  2. Wow, what a list! Thank you; this should keep me busy for a while! :-)