27 August 2012

Amazon Mom?

Little Bear being a baby and all, we're going through diapers at a ridiculous rate...  recently, it's been somewhere between 90 and 100 per week.  I know that cloth diapers would result in long-term savings, but right now cleaning them ourselves isn't an option, and the local cloth diaper cleaning service would cost more per week than we're spending on disposables now, even if we had our own diapers instead of renting theirs.

Balancing the books today and realizing again just how sizable a dent diapers are putting in our budget, I was reminded of an ad that popped up recently for Amazon Mom.  Twenty percent off diapers, and free shipping... it sounds attractive.  Users only receive three months free before being upgraded to (i.e. paying for) Amazon Prime, though.  Have you or anyone you know signed up with Amazon Mom?  Was it worth it? 

1 comment:

  1. I know quite a few moms who have saved a bundle on Amazon Mom. You get other deals on baby stuff besides diapers.

    That being said, our pastor has asked us to boycott Amazon due to their stance on gay marriage.