30 October 2013

End-of-the-Month Surprise Casserole

Mm, sounds delicious, no?

So here we are, end of the month, and I maxed out the grocery budget just over a week ago. And the freezer and fridge are both just about empty, but there's no shopping happening until Friday, because I'm stubborn like that. I'll probably blow the November budget out of the water after visiting Fred Meyer and Sams Club on Friday, but that's another story... then we'll just find ourselves eating surprise casserole again for Thanksgiving!

Not that I would do that. I'll be good.

But tonight, mystery casserole was definitely on the menu. We had half a rope of kielbasa to use, and I enthusiastically suggested sausage with red beans and rice. Matt... was less enthusiastic. Okay; no beans. I looked through the cupboards again.

Little Bear banged pots on the floor, stirring his toy frog around in my stock pot with a pasta fork. Frog soup? No, I didn't have any milk.

Well, there was rice. So I cooked some of that.

And cut up the kielbasa.

And discovered a bag of just-add-water broccoli-cheddar soup mix in the top of the spice cupboard...

...which is definitely not from when I was in college. Of course not. So I cooked up two cups of extra-concentrated soup, and mixed everything together.

Then we went to pick Matt up from work, and wound up hanging out in his office for a little over an hour because one of the student workers who is supposed to take the evening shift was sick and forgot to call in and tell them he couldn't work. When we finally got home, Matt stuck some casserole on a plate in the microwave, and Little Bear and I just ate it cold.

And it was actually good. Little Bear--Mr. Food-is-Not-for-Eating himself--ate more than I did, and Matt even sounded happy about having leftovers to take for lunch tomorrow. It certainly went over much, much better than I expected!

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