27 October 2013

What I Wore Sunday {34}

Happy Sunday! Linking up with FLAP again today.

It's still fall, oddly enough. This afternoon we are back up in the low 40s, which is very unusual for now. On the way home from Mass today I was exclaiming over the fact that, provided spring comes on time, we won't even have six months of winter this year! That's such a strange thought... And yes, I know that the thought of expecting to have six months of winter pretty much anywhere else would be about as strange as not expecting it here.

In the homily today, Father focused on the passage in the parable where Christ says that the Pharisee "said this prayer to himself." Now I'm curious and have to go check the Vulgate for the Latin construction of that phrase, because it seems like you could understand it different ways: was the Pharisee praying quietly, under his breath, so that no one else could overhear? Or was he directing his words to himself instead of to God? 

Little Bear was quiet for most of Mass, but I had to haul him to the back when he wanted to run down the aisle after the consecration. Matt took over for me after the sign of peace, and then I took him again after communion. I apologized to Father after Mass, and he assured me that Little Bear hadn't been a distraction at all. I'm glad that we sit near the back, so that we can get out quickly without bothering people!

Chocolate top: no tag, thrifted
Blue paisley skirt: Chico, thrifted
Chocolate pumps: Solos, garage sale

Because we had a bit of extra time this morning, I actually managed to put makeup on for the first time in I don't remember how long! It's nice to feel pretty occasionally, and if I wear it so rarely, it may as well happen on Sundays. Some day, when there isn't a little boy hanging on my skirt and chanting "Mamamamamamamama" every time I look in the mirror, maybe I'll be able to "put my face on" more often.

Have a lovely afternoon!


  1. Love the skirt, such a pretty blue :)

  2. "Chocolate pumps"...love your description - sounds so much better than my "brown dress shoes". Sometimes it is all in the way you describe something! You SOUND pretty when you say you wore a blue paisley skirt and your chocolate pumps!

    1. Thank you! I had fun with adjectives this week... :-)

  3. Your look nice. And your hair is getting longer!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's been a while since I've cut it... It's long enough now that it winds up braided pretty much every day.