20 October 2013

What I Wore Sunday {33}

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We are loving this beautiful, wonderful, confusing, oh-so-unseasonably-warm weather! Sunshine and 50s: definitely not normal this late in October. Little Bear has had so much fun running around and playing in the leaves, and we have sure enjoyed being able to leave the jackets inside. There's a part of us, though, that knows it's just too good to be true and is bracing for winter to come crashing down on us. When winter hits this year, it won't be a slow, gentle slide down the thermometer; it's going to be brutal. But right now, everything is beautiful.

Still teething equals still having rough nights equals sleeping in and going to Mass at the university parish. It's so much more convenient, so much closer, and we really like the priest. Our parish is full of young families--that's a big reason we like it there--but it's so far away, and we barely know anyone, so it's always nice when we find ourselves at the university. Little Bear behaved shockingly well, sitting quietly on Matt most of the time, so we both were able to hear all of the readings and the homily. Matt did wind up taking him out back when he got squirmy during the consecration, but they were able to come right back. He's getting better about watching the priest, too.

Blouse: gift from my mother
Yellow tank: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Black pumps: Payless (from college)

This morning I grumbled that wearing black with yellow would make me look like a bumblebee. Matt helpfully pointed out that I looked less like a bee and more like a confused person, wearing a springy shirt with a black winter skirt, but then redeemed himself by reassuring me that I was wearing the right colors to be a commanding officer for Starfleet. 

Help me out here: what exactly is a blouse? Matt says that no one has been able to satisfactorily define it for him, and when I tried to hedge that "blouse" is just a subset of "shirt," he disagreed. A nice button-down is a blouse, but are non-buttoned nice tops also blouses? What makes a blouse different than another type of shirt?


  1. I like the yellow and black...I don't think it looks odd together...but I never pay attention to what is spring-like colors or whatever.

    I consider a blouse to be shirt that is made of linen or silk...so I guess in my mind the material is what makes it a blouse..and not the style.

  2. Hmmm...I call a "blouse" a nice shirt that buttons up from top to bottom.

  3. I love yellow and black together so I think this is great! As for the definition of a blouse Webster says a blouse is usually loose-fitting garment especially for women that covers the body from the neck to the waist. Yup, that clears it up! lol Have a blessed week!

  4. You look lovely! I guess I call most looser-fitting dress shirts blouses, and they usually involve buttons. I don't have anything hard and fast for you though.

  5. I checked out dictionary, and it basically said that any shirt, dress coat, or military jacket can be called a blouse! So it sounds like there really is no particular definition.