09 April 2014

Back on the Horse

With the kiddo getting incisors (finally!) as well as top molars to match his extant bottom ones, and all of us not-sleeping accordingly... and waking up with a migraine the other day... and being super nauseous frequently... and Little Bear's completely unacceptable decision to take barely-one-hour naps these days... I've been slipping on keeping up with the blog. I know, some weeks are just going to be like that... I'm definitely counting down weeks until I'm out of the first trimester and will hopefully be done with the nausea, though!

I haven't entirely decided whether it's better to have the bulk of my nausea in the morning or afternoon--not that I have any control over that, obviously! Just in theoretical terms. So far, like with Little Bear, I've usually been better in the morning than the evening. It's helpful that I'm usually a functional human earlier in the day when Matt isn't around to help me wrangle Little Bear! By the time 5 pm rolls around, though, looking at food and making supper is pretty much the last thing I want to do. I know, use the slow cooker; but that entails remembering to thaw the meat ahead of time.... and that doesn't happen very often.

But! Thanks to Matt helping with the strong-smelling parts, I've managed to put decent suppers on the table two out of two days so far this week. Chicken Parmesan with pasta and cheesy garlic bread (for the boys; plain buttered toast for me) on Monday, and steak fajitas with corn on Tuesday. This baby has an odd fondness for strongly-flavored food: yesterday's steak in anything blander would have been unpalatable, but with enough chili powder, it was really good! I guess Little Bear likes his food spicy, too, so maybe they'll continue to have similar tastes as they get bigger?

The nausea held off a little longer than usual this morning, so we had a nice time in town after dropping Matt off at work: met my family after Mass and had breakfast, browsed the thrift store with the girls, and had many extra hands to help at the grocery store. All dresses were 40% off today, so we couldn't pass that up... I found one that'll look good with leggings in a few months, once I'm obviously pregnant and not just getting slightly rounder. My mom found a gorgeous mint green lace top in my size, which will definitely be making a What I Wore Sunday appearance as soon as spring comes back. And the highlight of the trip? A brand-new christening gown! Tags still on, with a bonnet, beautiful smocking and white-on-white embroidery and eyelet lace, for only $7! We borrowed my family's when Little Bear was baptized, but I've wanted to have one of our own.

I had extra help with shopping because my mom sent my three youngest sisters with me while she went to pick out Easter candy. I was shocked at how quickly we got through the store when I could send other people to go get things for me--a normal trip for Little Bear and I can take the better part of an hour. Then while Mom checked out, the girls kept Little Bear occupied at the front of the store looking at breakup boots so I could run through the Easter candy aisle myself. Not that I think he'd remember watching me pick it out, or even have any idea what it is; it was just much easier to not have to worry about him trying to open candy.

And so far this afternoon, Little Bear has had an hour and a half of nap, and is still snoring, and I'm only mildly nauseous... Hopefully the rest of the day stays this good!

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  1. That's a nice gown!! Good find!

    I feel ya on the nausea. The "good" days are days when I have nausea EITHER morning OR afternoon OR evening. The bad days are when I throw up more than once. Definitely checking off the days until I'm 13 weeks! (which, conveniently, will be Easter week!)