07 April 2014

WIWS: 7 Weeks

Go away, winter! We want spring back. It's been snowing for more than a day and a half non-stop now. 

One of the wonderful Polish priests on loan to our diocese said Mass at our parish yesterday, and his homily was so good! Also short-ish, thankfully, after how long the Gospel was... Little Bear was completely done being good and quiet! He behaved better after that, though, and we didn't have to take him out from the offeratory through the end of Mass.

We found out after Mass that his tardy incisors are finally starting to come through; his inability to be quiet and still makes sense now! Even after Tylenol when we got home, it still took an hour of fussing to get him down for a nap.

Oh! Since yesterday was Passion Sunday, the week before Palm Sunday, traditionally all statues would be covered from now through Easter Vigil. Does your parish veil statues this week? Next week? I think that here I've seen it done more often for Holy Week than the two weeks leading up to Easter. What about at home? Last year I veiled our statue of Mary; I can't remember what I did with the swath of purple fabric, though, so we will see when I manage to find it this year.

Teal tee: craft store
Cardigan: GNW, thrifted
Skirt: Old Navy, thrifted

Little Bear's wearing hand-me-down pants, a Carter's polo from Grandmom, and a huge grin because he got the phone while Mama wasn't looking!

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  1. St. Joan's veiled the statues this weekend. I was kind of excited to see it because it means Holy Week is coming!!! (I love Holy Week and the Triduum!!) We've never veiled our statues at home. I never thought of it. I should mention it to John. I know we keep our table decorations a little more sparse during Lent. A basket of pinecones. Although once spring really hit here I put some small white flowers out.

    Little Bear looks so grown up!!! And when I saw the picture I thought "Hey! Peter has that exact same shirt!" I'm sure that happens a lot. :)

  2. You look so good, Rosalie! I don't think I know anyone else who can pull off a long denim skirt half so well. Also, Little Bear's grin is adorable and totally infectious! What a cutie! He is getting to be such a big boy now-- that stage of transitioning from a toddler to a little kid is somehow always such a shock to me.