17 April 2014

Blessed Triduum!

Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday are definitely "Martha" days for me, running around the apartment cleaning and baking and preparing all the things. Hopefully I have all of the chores sorted well enough that Good Friday, at least, can be quiet and prayerful.

This morning my housecleaning was accompanied by the rich, deep tones of the Great Litany rolling forth in Slavonic from the stereo... definitely a good way to begin the Triduum! All clutter is gone from every flat surface in the living room/dining room/office/kitchen, and the table is bare except for a strip of purple-edged burlap under an icon of the Way of the Cross and the Crucifixion. The rest of today is spoken for in finishing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, baking hot cross buns and preparing a nicer supper in commemoration of the Last Supper: a small roast, mashed sweet potatoes, a spinach salad, and applesauce.

I'm taking a few days' break from the blog, to focus on preparations, family, and the events of the next few days. Have a blessed Triduum!

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