28 November 2012

Car Repairs:The Saga Continues

It's almost funny.

So our jeep started telling us that it was about to explode on Saturday, right? And we took it in to the shop and borrowed a suburban from my parents, which also proceeded to die on us? Well, it gets better.

Things actually did seem to improve; I was able to start the tank Monday afternoon, unable to start it Tuesday morning, able to start it again Tuesday afternoon. The dealership got our jeep in, and it was only a three-digit repair, thank heaven! We brought it home last night.

This morning, Matt went out to leave for work and discovered that a neighbor had backed into the newly-fixed jeep, shattering the bumper and front left headlight.

The bad news: it's going back to the shop, and we don't know how long it'll be before we have it again. The good news: the person who backed into us was responsible and left a note so we could get his insurance information. Also, Allstate may be renting us a replacement vehicle, since it was someone else's fault, so hopefully we won't have to worry about temperamental 20+ year old engines not starting (It's been hanging around -25 F so far this week, and it's scary taking the baby to town at these temperatures not knowing if the car will start when we come back out of the grocery store).

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  1. Oh my! Well, I'm glad that you have a functioning car for now and that this new problem won't cost you money!