07 November 2012

Technical Difficulties

It's been hard to write recently, mainly because the only time I am really sitting down with nothing else to do is when I'm feeding Little Bear, and it is hard to reach the computer around an eating/sleeping baby. Formerly, I could post from my phone; with the release of iOS 6, though, they broke mobile Safari compatibility with Blogger, so I've been stuck. This morning it finally occurred to me to check for a Blogger app... and here we are. I do feel a bit silly now.

Does anyone else have that problem? Finding themselves caught in the mindset of "this is how I do X, and now it doesn't work, so I guess I just can't do X"? It's not usually a problem I have with technology, but I do notice that tendency in other areas of my life. A big one is prayer: "I pray when I have the time; now the baby takes up most of my time, so I can't pray much." Most of us probably have that uncomfortable voice in the back of our minds from time to time, telling us that we ought to be praying more. I know I do. But so often I hush it with "I'm too busy; not enough time today, remind me later." Do I get around to it later? Not often enough.

These past few days, I've been thinking about how different Little Bear's childhood will be from my own. There isn't much I can do to get rid of all of the problems and bad influences out in the world, but I've realized that there is one very important thing I can do to prepare him: I can make our home a place of love and prayer, and try to set him an example by really putting God and His Church first, not just giving Him the leftover scraps of time at the end of the day.

It won't happen overnight, I know, but it'll be something to continue working at for the rest of our lives. As a first step, I'm trying to replace some of the time I waste online with time in prayer and spiritual reading, probably starting with the Confessions of St Augustine. That's right, I'm taking a break from Facebook and Twitter; not deleting my accounts yet, but not logging in every day either. We will see how it goes!

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