16 November 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 7

Little Bear and I did make it to adoration yesterday, and he was incredibly good: he was wide awake and happy, looking around at everything and everyone, but did not make a sound for nearly a half hour!

It's getting cold again... We've had decent (above 0F) temperatures all week, but this morning it was -25 when we drove in to town! Poor Little Bear doesn't understand why going outside hurts so much... I try to keep his face covered between the car and buildings, but he doesn't like that either.

It's long past time to start plugging the car in at night, but I still haven't found a good outdoor timer that won't break when we need it most. You can recognize a veteran Alaskan's vehicle by the extension cord hanging out of the grill: it connects to the engine block heater, oil pan heater, and the like which keep the engine warm enough to start without too much strain at cold temperatures, and warm enough to start at all once it hits -50.

Yes, it does hit -50 here. I should probably stop complaining about -25 before God decides to remind me what real cold feels like...

Meanwhile, Matt is enjoying balmy above-zero temperatures up in Barrow, the farthest-north settlement in the United States. He is 500 miles north of us, on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, and it's a good 30 degrees warmer. Why did I turn down the chance to go with him on this business trip? I don't know.

Today is the last day that the sun will rise in Barrow until Spring. (This might be why I didn't go.) Matt almost wishes that he could stay one more day, to experience a day when the sun literally does not rise.

My mother says to be careful what you wish for, especially in Barrow. Transportation in Bush Alaska is notoriously touch-and-go. I for one am certainly hoping to have my husband home tonight!

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