09 November 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 6

Giving in and starting chiropractic appointments for my back a few weeks ago: Good idea. My back hasn't felt like this in years, and the hip problems plaguing me since early pregnancy have gotten much better.

Taking Little Bear with me to the chiropractor this morning: Bad idea. He screamed and screamed and screamed... and has continued to do so, with a few breaks, ever since. So maybe it wasn't the chiropractor's office that upset him; bringing a teething baby anywhere is just plumb foolish, though, anyway.

Splitting up Little Bear's four-month shots between the past Monday and next: Undecided. Good, because I don't like him having so many at once; bad, because if this week is any indication, we are going to have at least two days next week of screaming and throwing up following the vaccines. Poor child...

Working out and burning off the baby weight: Good idea. It feels so good to be back in a regular pattern of vigorous exercise, which I'm finally able to do as the chiropractor is helping to fix my hip problems.

Pulling muscles in the backs of both calves: Bad idea. Granted, this one wasn't intentional; I overdid it on the elliptical machine yesterday, and am walking like a bowlegged old pirate today... or sitting down, which sure hurts a lot less, but doesn't help Little Bear fall asleep.

Arranging to have a family portrait taken this evening by a friend who is a professional photographer: Good idea, I guess. It is, it really is -- he will do an excellent job, and we don't have a post-birth family portrait yet, and now I get to feel all smug and accomplished by having something crossed off my Christmas prep to-do list. I'm just nervous about getting Little Bear to cooperate, and having both of us looking nice when Matt and JR get to the house, and having dinner properly underway while still keeping baby happy and both of our nice clothes clean...

Stressing about things I have no control over: Bad idea. Really, we all know that already, but it's definitely an area I still need to work on. Life is just going to get crazier from now through the new year; I'm going to make an extra effort these next two months to not let all of the silly little worries get to me.

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