19 February 2013

Songbirds and Sunshine and Useful Information

A good-sized flock of Bohemian waxwings has been hanging out in our yard the past several days, eating fermented chokecherries and warbling as they fly unsteadily into windows. They are such interestingly-colored birds: ruddy tufts on their heads, grey bodies, blush breasts, black and white wings, yellow-tipped tails, and bright red undersides of the tail feathers. Little Bear pounds on the windows whenever he notices them flying around, and stares up at the trees when we walk outside to check the mail.

If it was a little bit warmer, I would have him outside much more; the sun has been out full-force recently and the bright blue sky and sparkling snow look simply gorgeous, but it is -24 F... too cold for such a little guy to play out in the snow! We get our daily walk to the mailbox, but that is about it.

On a totally unrelated note, check out ElectingThePope.net! It is an excellent source of information on the upcoming conclave and the rules that govern it, and would be a good resource to direct people to if they have questions about what is going on.

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