03 February 2013

What I Wore Sunday

A little bit late to the party, but it's definitely still Sunday in our time zone! Linking up again today with Fine Linen and Purple for my second shot at What I Wore Sunday.

So warm outside! It's 10 degrees above zero here, and we are loving it. Light coats for both Matt and I today! Little Bear enjoyed being out and seeing the sunshine and snow as well.

Top: thrifted (Dressbarn)
Skirt: Sears--it's so funny to me that they hold their end-of-season super clearance in January, when we still have so many months of winter left! I always enjoy those racks...
Boots: gift from my mother

No Little Bear in the photo this week; he was "helping" Daddy with the camera. Sorry for the dark photo... that would be why. The skirt is actually a light chocolate brown.


  1. I love this length of skirt. It's perfect for any body type. you look lovely.

    1. Thank you! I really like this length: the baby can sit on my lap and tug on it without me worrying he will pull it too high, but I don't have to worry about tripping when kneeling either!

  2. Ooh a chocolate brown skirt paired with pink - love it!

  3. I like the top! And your "warm" weather will stop me from complaining about our "cold" 19degrees....