01 February 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Our week in 10 words or less: Twelve hours of overtime and two doctor visits.

What? That doesn't count for all seven? Fine...

Matt has been on call and working wonky hours all week. I can't wait for things to be back to normal on Monday! It's been particularly challenging the past few days when Little Bear and I have needed the car during the days; several times, I've had to wake the sleeping munchkin to go drop off or pick up Daddy.

We finally had Little Bear's 6 month checkup, now that he's nearly 7 months and finally healthy. His net weight was the same as it had been a month ago, because of his illness, so we will be going back in about a month for a weight check, just to make sure he's back on track.

This morning we visited the dermatologist, who was very helpful and encouraging. She's pretty sure he just has baby eczema, and gave us samples of several very neutral lotions which I will hopefully be able to use to help him. I say "hopefully," because I have frustratingly sensitive skin on my hands, and break out in hives after applying most lotions.

One good point about Matt working late all week has been that I haven't really had to make dinners... Little Bear and I are fine with a bowl of oatmeal or some yogurt. Tonight, though, I'm actually supposed to cook because Matt will be home at a semi-reasonable time. Not sure what to make; it has to be finished before I go pick him up, but not spoilt by sitting and waiting a half hour for us. Any ideas?

Oh, and it's practically spring! (Stop laughing, husband.) The thermometer may not think so, but the sun does: we have seven hours of full daylight today, and are gaining seven minutes a day! Yes, it is below 0, but the sky is bright blue and the sun is sparkling off the snow, and I was quite comfortable in my dress boots and lightest winter coat this morning. It's so pretty out!

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  1. What about homemade mac and cheese? It's still cooking (but ridiculously easy!), a good Friday night dish, and no self-respecting man I know would turn up his nose at that. :) Happy weekend!

    1. That's a good idea! It's one of his favorites, too. Thanks!