25 July 2013

7P7D: Bedtime for Nazgul

How is it late o'clock already? Jen's 7 posts in 7 days challenge is harder to keep up with than it sounded...

All during the day, from before he wakes up until we carry him into the bedroom in the evening, Little Bear is Little Bear. When his pajamas go on, though, it's like Cinderella's stroke of midnight: he transforms into Little Nazgul. 

He has perfected the ear-piercing shriek, and performs it for us frequently as we go through the process of putting him to bed. They aren't unhappy cries -- he thinks it's fun. I have no idea why this noise only comes out at bedtime, but it's sure better than hearing it all day long. His ear-splitting pre-sleep play is usually narrated in a dry voice by whichever parent isn't currently being attacked:

Little Nazgul: (bites Daddy's nose and shrieks)
Mama: Nazgul is hungry.

Little Nazgul: (blows raspberry on Mama and shrieks)
Daddy: Nazgul is playing.

Little Nazgul: (pounces onto Daddy and shrieks)
Mama: Nazgul is hunting.

Little Nazgul: (shrieks)
Daddy: Nazgul is angry... because I am tickling him.

Neither of us would go so far as to say that we enjoy being the Nazgul's victim, but it's a lot of fun to be a part of his play and know that he is happy. If only he was willing to do this before late o'clock at night!

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  1. This totally read like a little child's bedtime story. haha, if the title of "Nazgul" didn't have such negative connotations, you could write a book called "Little Nazgul."