07 July 2013

What I Wore Sunday {22}

Sunday again! Time to link up with Fine Linen and Purple's What I Wore Sunday.

This morning was surprisingly restful. After two difficult nights, Little Bear decided that he was sleeping in today, and we certainly weren't going to disagree! We had a quiet morning, reading and relaxing until he woke up at quarter to 10. By that point there were only a few options left for Masses, and we decided to visit the university parish -- it's the closest to us, not even ten minutes away, and has Mass at 10:30.

They don't have a church building of their own; they have a small chapel, but construction around the university campus has cut off road access for the summer. Fortunately I get their bulletins emailed to me, so we knew that they were meeting in the upper room of the cafeteria today. It was good to see their priest and the parishioners we know, since we hadn't been there in several months.

Have you read any of Pope Francis' encyclical, Lumen fides, yet? It is so good! I haven't finished yet, I'm only able to grab a few minutes at a time, but it has that wonderful quality of being accessible in small chunks of time like that. I don't like to say that it is written "simply," because I don't want to give the impression that it isn't profound and full of meaning and ideas and ways of seeing faith that I'd never thought of before, but somehow it is all of that and still clear and simple to understand even for a busy mom. Like Chesterton. It's like Chesterton, if that means anything to you.

Little Bear exhibited his classic "new place quietness" today: he sat perfectly still and silent, looking at the people around us, all the way up until halfway through the consecration, when he squirmed away to sit on the floor quietly patting the folding chair in front of us. Sitting in the back row directly in front of the choir helped a lot; as long as he could see them, he was happy! He did decide that he absolutely could not stay in Matt's arms as we prepared to receive Communion, arching his back and saying "mama mama mama" until I took him, but that was really all the noise out of him. Mass grade: A

I prefer to wear a skirt to Mass, but not knowing what the setup would be today, I decided to go with these capris. I think I was still dressy enough for Mass...?

Blouse: Van Heusen (thrifted)
Capris: Cabelas
Sandals: Payless Shoes

Have a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

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  1. You look dressy enough to me.
    I wish I could l wear a blouse. They never look good on me.
    You look nice in yours.