12 July 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 39

Linking up with Jen & Co., because it's Friday.

I've been a lousy blogger this week, I apologize... Someone has been having trouble sleeping, which means Mama isn't sleeping either. So my brain is all fuzzy during the day and putting together a post sounds about as complicated as planning an Everest expedition, but less fun. Hopefully I'll get more sleep this weekend and we'll fix that. I'm grateful for regular linkups, because they give me that extra push to get words down on the page on weeks when blogging seems like too much work.

Our little man is a very adventurous eater--I'm so glad. I wouldn't know how to deal with a kid who only wanted to eat a few particular foods... picky eating was never an issue in our house growing up, so I don't have a good concept of how I'd combat it. Little Bear is good about trying anything we put in front of him, though: this week's new foods included grilled zucchini, buffalo steak, and cherry-rhubarb crumble. He was very helpful the other night when I made pizza; the crusts were too hard and pokey for me to eat, but he stole the crust off my plate and happily ate it all up!

We just signed the lease for a third year in our apartment. It's weird what kinds of clauses end up in leases; the first two years, the lease said that we could only have one child and that child had to be under 2. This year they changed the paperwork so we can stay until Little Bear is 5... if we don't have a second child before then. It was nice of them to let us know they aren't planning on kicking us out next June if we are still happy here, but signing a legally binding document effectively agreeing to be kicked out if we have another child still doesn't sit well with me. Why would they put in a clause like that? It's a two-bedroom apartment; there is far and away enough room for a second child.

Is anyone familiar with any good, solidly Catholic RCIA/RCIC curriculums? A good friend just became a DRE, and is looking to replace the curriculum she found at the parish. I looked at it with her, and we were both shocked--well, disappointed--to see that the lesson on being pro-life never even mentioned contraception or the Church's position on abortion, instead describing the main pro-life issues as poverty, racism, and capital punishment. Which are all life issues, but you can't leave out the brutally-murdering-innocent-people "issue" in a presentation on the Church's teachings and the right to life.

Today is just gorgeous: there's not a cloud to be seen in the blue sky, so bright that I can hardly bear looking at it. Little Bear and I are planning to meet a friend and her kids at a nearby playground and go for a walk this evening. I'm looking forward to it! We had clouds and rain pretty much every day this week leading up to today, so we haven't been getting any walks in beyond the daily trip to the mailbox. Yes, they do sell umbrellas in Alaska, but in my defense I was told not to do any serious exercising for a couple of weeks after surgery... and yes, I know that I'm just making excuses. But we're getting out and getting exercise tonight!

Ever since the last week of June, Matt and I have been trying to find an opportunity to go out just the two of us to celebrate his finishing a major, months-long certification process for some of the more advanced video conferencing equipment his department has started working with. He passed the test on the first try with one of the highest scores anyone in his office had earned, and I am so proud of all of the hard work he put into it! One thing after another had gotten in the way, but I think we are finally going to make it happen this weekend. Little Bear will go play with his aunts and uncles at my parents' house for a couple of hours, and we will be able to sit down and have an adult conversation for a whole meal! And I can dress up without having to plan for feeding the small human! What fun.


Story time with Daddy -- one of Little Bear's favorite things.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Adorable picture. Yes, I know I am on a commenting spree. But your posts are so good I can't resist commenting!