17 July 2013

Falling by the Wayside

I'm 0 for 2 so far this week on celebrating feast days... Thankfully today is a feria! The closest I got to doing anything for St Bonaventure on Monday was trying to convince myself that eating stale bread for dinner was in keeping with the spirit of the early Franciscans; I may have lost points for drowning it in cream and eggs and making bread pudding out of it, though. Probably. Yesterday, I had the best of intentions: for Our Lady of Carmel, we were going to read about the brown scapular after dinner while eating caramel ice cream sundaes. Except Matt doesn't like caramel. And I forgot to buy any, anyway.  And Little Bear shoveled applesauce into his mouth too quickly and gagged, and no one ate dessert last night because we were too busy cleaning up and bathing him...

Why is it so difficult to stay on top of things like this? It shouldn't be difficult to look ahead to the coming week's observances and work some little thing into our schedule or menu for feast days and memorials. It shouldn't. How hard would it have been to actually write the words "caramel sauce" on last week's grocery list? Would it have been so very taxing to use the brown sackcloth table runner on Monday? To read aloud one paragraph related to the day, or find one related prayer to say before bedtime?

Fostering a Catholic environment within our family is important to me, and I don't understand why I'm having so much trouble. I only have one kid, and he is becoming more independent and happy to play on his own for short periods of time, so that's no excuse. I dislike blaming him, anyway, because he really isn't a difficult child and I know that my lot is pretty easy. So why can't I find a few minutes to do this?

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  1. Well, I don't even have a family and I don't know who's feast day it is most of the time! So you're way ahead of me. ;)