27 February 2014

Just a Little Disorganized

Did I really have headaches all the time before I started putting my glasses on every morning? This morning they fogged up when I came in from unloading groceries, so I took them off and forgot about them. An hour and a half later, with the snoring toddler encamped on my lap, I had a pounding headache.

And I've been so tired for so long, I honestly can't remember whether that's normal. It hasn't been the case recently; I feel fairly confident in saying that I've only had a headache one afternoon since I picked up the glasses-wearing, and that was only a day or two in. So I asked my husband.

"I have a headache from not wearing my glasses for just an hour and a half! That means my eyes are getting lazy and using them as a crutch so I should stop wearing them, right? I didn't have headaches all the time before the migraine, did I?"

"Um... Yeah, you kind of did."


Guess what, stupid glasses that fog and get smudged and slide down my nose every ten minutes? Looks like I can't get rid of you that easily.

Yesterday evening, we had a good lesson on homonyms. Since Matt's birthday falls on Ash Wednesday this year, we decided to celebrate a week early, to make sure the sweet stuff was gone before Lent arrives! (I cut up most of the pan of brownies and sent them in to the office with him this morning, but still.) In the first present he opened, he found a shiny silver box with a great big Hershey kiss inside. "A kiss!" he exclaimed.

Little Bear, who was "helping" with the wrapping paper, promptly grabbed the box from his dad and kissed it. He was so proud of himself, and couldn't figure out why we were laughing. I guess that's what I get for teaching him to venerate icons?

Some days, my list of things that "have to happen" is so wildly unrealistic that it's just funny. Here it is, afternoon, kid still napping on me, and I really think that I'm going to find time to clean the fridge and reorganize the kitchen cupboards? As if! Yes, I can see the bottle of olive oil on the counter that somehow got booted out of the cupboard and mysteriously doesn't fit on the shelf anymore... Yes, I know that the chicken I baked on Monday is still waiting to be picked and frozen... Yes, I realize that the tapioca doesn't really belong between the oatmeal and the lentils and I'll never find it there, but that's where it fit! Putting groceries away today was... interesting. Hurried. Haphazard. But at the rate today's been going, I'll be lucky to do anything more than finish the laundry before it's time to leave to pick Matt up from work.

And finally, since I know that sometimes you just need validation that your kid isn't the only weird one...

The surest way to instantly transform Little Bear from an angry, clingy, whiny monster into a bundle of sunshine is to hand him a sweet pickle. "Pickle pickle?" I ask, trying to put away the chair he'd just dragged into the kitchen with one hand and unloading the groceries with the other. "Pickle pickle!" he shouts, smiling and reaching for the jar. This kid.

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  1. Pickles! Yay! Mom would be proud. Speaking of homonyms and spelling and all that, I recently saw a billboard advertising a fitness center that promoted itself as a "judgement free zone." My friend couldn't understand why I was laughing, but I thought it was wildly hilarious that they spelled "judgment" wrong. Yes, I'm a semantics geek.