07 February 2014

SQTF 76: Nap Time

This kid needs something. What? I don't know. A puppy. A Rip van Winkle-style nap. To cut those teeth that he's been working on for six months now already. Something. I know that you're supposed to label any toddler-behavior that you don't like "a phase" and reassure yourself that "he'll grow out of it," but that's just not good enough; Little Bear is a whiny mess, convinced that he needs to be holding my hand or perched on my hip every. single. moment. all. day. long., and spends half the day trying to drag me down the hall to the closet so that I'll vacuum. I don't know why he loves the vacuum so much, but I'm not vacuuming every day, let alone five times a day. 

Okay, to be fair, the day is ten thousand times better now that Little Bear fell asleep. Here's hoping for several hours of nap so I can recover a tiny bit of sanity. You know the day isn't going well when I'm seriously considering throwing the diet out the window and asking my husband to pick up pizza and ice cream for supper... hopefully Little Bear and I are both less frustrated after his nap.

Who has seen Mary of Nazareth, the new one from Ignatius? The Catholic Student Association on campus is showing it as a fundraiser for the next World Youth Day. They were able to rent a local theater for two showings next Friday, at 3pm and 7pm. Matt is going--he's running the video equipment for them--but I'll be staying home with Little Bear. He certainly wouldn't be still and quiet through a whole movie. I'm glad Matt gets to see it, though; I've heard that it is quite good. Although it is a little bit disappointing that I won't see my husband at all on Valentines Day, since he will be leaving the house before we are awake and getting home after I put Little Bear to bed...

Have you heard yet about Edel, the gathering/conference for moms that is being put together for this coming summer by Jen and Hallie? From their website: 
Edel is an event for mothers who need a break.
It’s a chance to form meaningful connections with like-minded women.
It’s an opportunity to hear inspiring speakers who will encourage you in your vocation. 
It’s a weekend to explore Austin, eat Tex-Mex, and toast new friends.
But most of all, it’s a party. It’s a stress-free, no-obligations event where the only thing that’s asked of you is that you relax and have some fun.
The event is July 25-26 in Austin, Texas, and it sounds like it will be a wonderful time. Obviously I can't go, but for anyone who lives closer, check it out! I'm sure it will be a valuable, refreshing weekend for everyone who can make it.

Gosh, I'm being whiny this week, focusing on everything I can't do. I'm sorry! Let me try to come up with something cheerful... um... it's sunny outside? We got several inches of snow dumped on us yesterday morning, all in the span of just a few hours, so it's nice to see that there won't be any more shoveling to do today! I'm glad we got the snow, though: Little Bear and I were walking around campus yesterday while it was coming down, and he was so excited to run around in it and stare at all of the huge snowflakes falling. It was definitely a surprise to walk out of the student center into snow over the tops of Little Bear's boots; we don't usually have that much accumulate so quickly.

Somebody grabbed my phone off the counter the other evening, and had taken a bunch of grainy self-portraits featuring the artistically water-stained ceiling before I could get it back. Why did Apple have to make the camera accessible even when the phone is locked?

I think I have to save at least a couple of them; this one was cute, and I'll need evidence in ten years when he is annoyed with a younger sibling for messing with his stuff and doesn't believe me that he was just as good at getting into things we didn't want him to touch when he was little. 

I know I said this last week, but sunlight is so wonderful. Being able to open all of the curtains and have the apartment get brighter instead of darker is one of the best things about going from January to February. The sun is still halfway above the horizon when Matt gets home from work these days, and soon it will be starting to come up before he leaves in the morning! Sun, and fresh new snow for the sun to sparkle off of, and temperatures in the teens: it is beautiful outside right now. If Little Bear wakes up grumpy again, maybe going outside to play for a while this afternoon will help.

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