09 February 2014

What I Wore Sunday {39}

I'm so bad about keeping up with these posts. It's been, what, a month again already since my last WIWS? We actually remembered to take a photo after Mass this morning, though, so here you go: What I Wore Sunday at 30 below!

Grey short-sleeved sweater, Merona, thrifted
Coral blazer, Forever 21, thrifted
Black wool skirt, old old old -- thrifted in high school

The goal was "warm but not like a marshmallow"... I guess it worked. That bright coral blazer is so fun to throw on with dark neutral outfits!

It was sure cold this morning! We put Little Bear in his big puffy warm coat, and the nylon outer layer was crinkling and crackling in the cold air just from walking between the door and the car. He complained the whole ride to Mass, because this coat's elastic wrists keep him from pulling off his mittens. Tragic, I know. So he arrived at church with warm hands and a grumpy attitude, which he made sure to share with everyone around us---we spent more of Mass out in the hall than inside.

Maybe his next teeth are finally coming in? As soon as we got home and gave him ibuprofen, he cheered right up. 

Weren't today's readings good, though? Challenging, but such a good reminder of how we are called to live. The reading from Isaiah seems to prefigure the Beatitudes in many ways, and then in the Gospel Christ instructs us to be salt and light... Today the readings just spell it all out: this is what you do, this is how, this is why you do it. In his homily, our priest drew on the example Pope Francis has given us of living as salt and light, particularly his love of poverty and his ability to touch the hearts and minds of so many different people.

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  1. 30 below!! Wow..that's cold. I'm super impressed you all leave the house in that weather