03 May 2014

SQTF 86: Birthday, Superheroes, and More Stupid Miscarriage Adventures

Should probably get the unpleasant bit out of the way first, shouldn't I? I knew, the other day, that when I said I was reaching a stable point physically it was kiiiiiind of wishful thinking. But I said it anyway, because if you see it in print, it must be true, right? (Hopefully no one just said "yes" to that.) Yesterday morning, I talked with my midwife again to confirm that we were okay with my status going into the weekend, and she was concerned about how much I was still bleeding. She consulted with the other midwife at the practice, and they consulted with the OBGYN, and he decided that I needed to come in for another ultrasound. I dropped Little Bear off at Grandma's, picked Matt up early, and went in... and wound up having to have outpatient surgery. My body was stubbornly retaining part of the uterine lining, and it was causing me to keep bleeding fairly heavily. So far post-surgery, I'm doing much better; I'll definitely try to rest up a lot today and tomorrow, but I'm hopeful that we will see improvement more quickly now.

Last night, as we were getting Little Bear ready for bed:

Me: (surprised) I'll be 25 tomorrow.
Matt: (horrified) But that means I'm 26! I thought I was only 25! Are you sure?

I do plan to rest up a lot today, but how often does Free Comic Book Day happen to fall on your birthday? We have to swing by the Comic Shop. I'm honestly more interested in the sale they're having on board games today, but Little Bear is loving seeing Spider-Man everywhere these days ("Man! "Man!"), and I'm sure they will have a goodly display thanks to the new movie. His favorite superhero right now, though, is the Hulk. Which totally makes sense, because losing control and turning into a tiny green rage monster is one of the things toddlers do best!

Don't worry, Mom; we aren't letting him watch those movies this young--he recognizes the Hulk from his Avengers plate/bowl set, and learned about Spider-Man when we desperately needed a new little toy to keep him not-yelling in the car.

Some of the best birthday presents are the intangible ones, like the 10 hours of straight sleep Little Bear gave me last night for the first time, or the smell of wonderful coffee when I got out of the shower this morning. I can't drink it, but I love being able to smell it! It seems like the whole day is better when it starts off with the smell of coffee. 

Our landlords--the best landlords in the world--are looking to sell, and we had a showing yesterday at 5 pm. The timing was pretty inconvenient: I got out of surgery a little after 4, and we couldn't go home until after 6. And I probably overdid it a little the past couple of days trying to get the apartment looking nice for the showing... I don't want to make it harder for our landlords to get a good price for the house, and it's a really nice apartment; I wanted it to look the part. I didn't do anything too strenuous, but it was still more activity than I probably should have been doing when I wanted to just be laying on the couch. But everything looks really nice right now! 

Why are our landlords the best in the world? Well, for one thing, they've been incredibly compassionate and accommodating through this difficult week: the people who came to see the house yesterday wanted to come Tuesday afternoon, but when our landlady called Monday evening to ask if that would work and found out that we were at the ER, she pushed the showing off until Friday to give me more time to recover. She has also told their realtor that no one can come see our apartment unless they've already seen the main house and are seriously interested in buying, so we don't have to be kicked out for an hour for people who aren't serious. Also, she feeds us: this past week we have been able to sample four different delicious fruit-and-cream-cheese pastries she's made. The other night after we complimented the amazing-smelling chicken she was grilling, she brought us two pieces! 

Have a good weekend! Visit Conversion Diary for more quick takes.


  1. I. Retained placenta is the worst.

    II. Scott routinely forgets how old he is and has to be reminded. It's hilarious.

    VII. Your landlords do sound awesome. I refer to our landlord as Santa Claus. I will be sad when we move. (Unless we manage to score one of the townhomes in this complex.)

  2. I am jealous of you having wonderful landlords. *sigh* At least the birds living in the attic above me are less likely to eat through into my pantry than the squirrel at the last place was.

    What kinds of games do you and Matt like? Joey and I have been discovering quite a few really fun ones recently. We're always on the lookout for more two-person games we can play together when we can't scrounge together a group of friends.