30 May 2014

SQTF 90: "Phases," Going to the Gym, and Cooking on Friday

I'm so bad at this these days. Sorry, y'all. I spent a bunch of my writing time recently scrambling to get a freelance project finished before the deadline (today), and when I did have time to blog, I had nothing to write about. Not nothing going on--way too many things have been making us crazy recently--but I can't really talk about any of them...but I haven't been able to stop thinking about them to come up with other things to write about. Life needs to stop being so crazy, so my brain can start working again.

Yesterday I put Little Bear in shorts for the first time this summer, and he promptly went running down the sidewalk and tripped and scraped his knee. Poor boy. It wasn't too bad, though, and after a couple of "Oh no!"s he got distracted by the wind chimes and hasn't noticed it since.

This child... Little Bear has gotten frustratingly good at imitating my "exasperated parent" voice. In the bathtub? He'll throw a toy out onto the floor, say his name with my full exasperated inflection, and smirk at me. Playing outside, or in his room, or sitting in his chair? Same routine: pick something up, throw it, say his name, smirk or burst into giggles. Folding laundry, it's "hey": pick up neatly folded laundry, throw it back in the basket, shout "hey!" with a huge grin. I know it's a "phase," but how does he manage to be so frustrating and so funny at the same time??


"Lights," by our budding photographer. He pulled my phone out of my purse in Sam's Club the other day, and this is what I found when we got home...

Matt and I registered for a summer membership at the campus gym last week, and we are trying to set a routine. The goal is for us to meet there after Matt gets off work Tuesdays and Thursdays, and to head in together first thing Saturday mornings. It's summertime and beautiful outside, and I feel a little silly for walking in the gym instead of outdoors, but between pollen and the annual smoke from wildfires going for walks outside can be hard on both Matt and Little Bear. And we both need the exercise, and to me "we spent too much on that membership, we have to use it!" is an effective response to most excuses. Little Bear rode in the Ergo all of this past Tuesday while I walked laps, and most of yesterday while I used the rowing machine and then did more laps, but I don't think he's going to be willing to spend long blocks of time in the Ergo three days a week all summer long. Toward the end of our time yesterday we discovered that the room with mats and such for stretching out also has lots of exercise balls; Little Bear was so happy running back and forth pushing balls as tall as he is!

What is the hardest day of the week for you to meal plan/cook for? For me it's Friday, hands down. Case in point: it's 2:30pm, and I have no idea what is for supper tonight. Okay, I do, because just this second "zucchini lasagna" popped into my head. Thank you, Holy Spirit. But every week, it seems like, it's Friday afternoon and I either don't want to make whatever is written down, or I realize that I never wrote anything down for Friday because I couldn't think of anything. Which is silly, because I had that huge long list of meatless meals for Lent! I need to post my meatless meal list on the fridge, or tape it in the back of my planner or something, so I don't keep having this problem.

We are closing in on the light-all-night part of the year: Today the sun rose at 3:38 am, and will set at 12:01 am tomorrow. I was up at both 3 and 4 this morning, and 4 was noticeably brighter. Since we hung a blanket over the window (over the closed curtains and shade), Little Bear hasn't seemed much affected by the excess light. He's still happy to sleep until 7:30 or 8 every morning, which is nice for us! You hear stories about kids, especially in families who move here after their kids are old enough to have learned that "when it's dark outside it's time to sleep," who have an awful time with our summers... thankfully, that hasn't been our experience so far.

Have a nice weekend! If Little Bear naps early enough tomorrow, I'm hoping to take him to the open house at the university's Large Animal Research Station (aka Muskox Farm) to see the baby muskox and caribou! For more Quick Takes, hop over to Conversion Diary. 

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