16 May 2014

SQTF 88: A Day Off

Wait, it's Friday. How did that happen? I just frittered away most of my nap time/blogging time because I was so sure that it was Saturday, so now I'll have to see just how quick I can make this week's Seven Quick Takes. Why don't I know what day it is? Because Matt is home today. 

As part of his work benefits, in addition to sick leave and annual leave he also gets one "personal day" that he can take off each year. They go away at the end of the fiscal year, which is coming right up, and Matt always forgets to use his earlier in the year, so for the past few years every May or June he's wound up taking a random Friday off so he doesn't waste the personal day. Today is his random Friday for this year, so we all slept in and spent the morning doing errands, and it definitely feels like a Saturday.

Having today off wound up being very fortunate: We were at a friend's house last night, and all of the extra light we're getting right now totally threw off our estimation of how late it was getting... With the sun not setting until after 11pm these days, it certainly didn't look like 9pm when one of us finally pulled out a phone to check the time. Oops! Very late bedtime for Little Bear, especially since we'd been outside and we all needed quick baths/showers so we wouldn't bring extra pollen in to compound Matt's allergies all night. This morning's sleeping in was less a luxury and more a making-sure-the-child-would-last-through-the-day necessity.

I'm glad today is only Friday, though; there's a lot happening this weekend! A friend's coming over for supper and a movie tonight. Tomorrow there's the annual Really Free Market on campus (drop off any used books/clothes/stuff you don't want anymore from 8-10am, take anything anyone's dropped off from 10-noon, completely free); the Farmer's Market will be open; there's a celebration at the local co-op market for their first anniversary, with lots of door prizes and free samples; Saturday is always garage sale day in the summer; and two of my siblings are coming over for supper and card games. Sunday we have several Skype calls to look forward to, an open house at a house we have been looking at for a while (and watching their asking price slowly creep down into our price range), and... something else? I'm sure there's something else, but my calendar is in the other room. But yes, busy weekend!

Hmm. I might have to pare down my Saturday list, because Matt needs the car to go out to the gunsmith's shop a good half hour away. Maybe Little Bear and I will go with him? But then he'd have to come to all of the places with us and be out in all the pollen... We will see. If we all go in together, I at least want to try to stop by the Really Free Market! We've found some fun things there in past years, including a full set of encyclopedias with a bookshelf, and busts of Homer and Aristotle. The main items we are in search of at garage sales this year are an office chair and a step stool, and maybe we will get lucky and find one or both at the Really Free Market instead.

And the new REI in town is having their grand opening this weekend! Someone stopped us in the grocery store parking lot this morning to give us some free carabiners and a leaflet about their door prizes today, tomorrow and Sunday. It would be fun to swing by tomorrow morning, but it's at the bottom of my list if I'm prioritizing what I really want to happen. Eventually we will have to make it in there, though; Anchorage just got a Cabelas, and we've been wanting to drive down and visit--Cabelas stores are so fun!--but the REI doesn't require a six-hour drive and probably has similar items and pricing. Not that we'd actually go to buy something, but it's fun to look. Imagine. Try to remember that some day we'll be able to go out backpacking and real camping again.

[Much later] Little Bear woke up and cut me off at six, and now it's bedtime and I'm tired and this has been a super boring edition of Seven Quick Takes anyway, so... I'll try again next week. Have a good weekend!

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