06 August 2014

Cakes and Carharts

I came into this week planning to do a "7 posts in 7 days" challenge to push myself back into the rhythm of regular blogging... can you tell? Ha. Sunday's post went up Monday afternoon, and I spent all day in the kitchen yesterday; maybe I'll try for 7 in 7 next week. I do have a handful of photos I've been meaning to put up here, so it's photo dump day!

Carharts are pretty much indestructible, at least on kids. This might be the same pair of overalls I wore when I was Little Bear's size! He's worn them the last few times we've gone out in the woods/berry picking, because nothing can get through the heavy fabric.

He ran off with the hammer while Matt was hanging pictures and crucifixes the other day, and decided this box needed to be "fixed."

Another for the "how did my 2-year-old manage this photo composition?" file. Neither Matt nor I have much talent with a camera, so it's always confusing to come across artsy photos on my camera after Little Bear has been playing with it.

The fruits of my morning in the kitchen yesterday: ten buns for sausages, twelve bran muffins, and a two-layer banana cake. We had my family over to celebrate a late second birthday party (which will hopefully get it's own post when/if I get photos from Matt's phone). It was the first time we've ever had them all over for supper, and I figured that having leftovers for the rest of the week was better than not having enough!

I don't watch a lot of cooking shows—I hardly watch any tv at all, probably not even once a month—but I once saw something where a guy was frosting a cake and had it on a platform that slowly rotated in front of him. I have the hardest time frosting cakes, and yesterday I discovered a plebeian version of the rotating platform: my spice rack. It was so much easier to frost the cake this way!  It's a long time until the next birthday, so I'll have to try not to forget.

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