22 August 2014

Seven Quick Zzzzs

There's no way I'm going to make it through seven today, but I have to break out of this "if I don't have the time and energy to write a really great post I'm just not going to write at all" mindset, so look, words on a page!

Last night... may have been the worst night I've had since Little Bear was born. I think we even got more sleep the time Little Bear was in the hospital at 6 months old. Getting his two-year molars in continues to be awful: He dozed fitfully, waking up and crying every 20 minutes or so, from the time he went to bed until 3:00 am. Then he was just up, crying and miserable, until I finally let him wander out to the living room around 5:00. I lay on the couch pretending to sleep and hissing "sh! whisper!" every other minute while he built a tower, played with toys, and brought me stories. When he finally started yawning during Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, I carried him back to bed. He fell asleep a little before 6:00, and didn't wake up again until 8:30, thank heaven!

He also has a runny nose for the first time in a long while today, and a low fever (from the cold or his teething or both... who knows?) so it's been another super-unproductive Friday of reading stories, cleaning up the duplos only to have them immediately dumped across the floor again, and glancing wistfully at my to-do list from across the room while the poor munchkin lays on me and whines. He's had a couple of happy moments, usually stemming from him throwing the nasal aspirator behind the couch and then giggling as I try to fish it out again.

A happy moment from earlier this week: Little Bear was listening as I looked through the phone book for a number, and he walked up behind me and happily recited, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, seven, ten!" I was so surprised! He's doing a great job with his numbers.

Two cords of wood have shown up at our house this week, and we're expecting a third tomorrow. We have two pallets end-to-end alongside the driveway waiting for us to stack the wood; hopefully we will finish this weekend. A cord is 4'x4'x8', and the two pallets we have total 22' in length, so we have to decide whether to look for a little 4' square pallet to finish it off or just stack the extra 32 cubic feet of wood on top of the rest. Gosh, that sounds like a lot when you multiply it out! I'd been thinking "the pallets are only shy two feet, that's not a whole lot of wood left over," but it really is. Maybe we should have a small 4'x4'x2' pile under the eaves near the front door, so that when we have to bring in wood in the middle of winter it won't be as far away and the logs won't have snow on them.

...that's all I've got. Little Bear is finally napping, and I definitely need to get some sleep myself in case we have a repeat of last night tonight. (Please, please, no!)

Have a good weekend! Stop by Conversion Diary for some real 7QT.


  1. Hope both of you sleep better soon.

    1. Thank you! We did: he only woke up once last night.