21 August 2014

Theme Thursday: Google Image Search edition

I've been doing a pretty awful job of getting back into a regular posting cycle, I admit. Can we just blame summer? Not that I actually think I'm slacking on account of summer, but it seems like a convenient excuse... Okay, never mind.

I've seen other people linking up for "Theme Thursdays" for quite a while, and since a) I'm better about posting when there's a link-up involved, and b) I'm an expert in never ever ever taking photos and I keep meaning to change that, I figured that a weekly themed photography challenge might help on both counts. So it was equal parts funny and frustrating to discover this morning that I really truly couldn't fulfill today's prompt.

Hostess Cari Donaldson gave everyone an easy slacker prompt today, saying, "Just type your name into Google images, and take the first picture that shows up.  Slap that on your post for today, and link up." But when I Googled my name, this is what I got:

A bunch of photos from stuff I've pinned to my Pinterest account, plus my silhouette. Pretty girl with the braids that's the first result? Definitely not me. I don't even think that came from my Pinterest, so I have no clue what she's doing there. The silhouette is the only photo that's actually directly related to me; it was taken last summer after Mass one Sunday.

I guess it's nice to realize that my Facebook and Google privacy settings are working!


  1. Hahahaha! You're the second person to discover their privacy settings are doing the job.
    I promise to have an actual topic for next week- the better to dust off our cameras!

  2. I really like that silhouette picture. Very artsy!