02 September 2014

2T Haircuts

Would it really be so hard for there to be one standard sizing scale for kids clothes? Right now Little Bear is wearing mostly 2T shirts, as well as some 3T (but 18mo in button-downs); he fits into one pair of 18mo jeans, two pairs of 2T, and one lovely fleece-lined pair of 12mo. Most of his 18mo dress pants are still too big in the waist, and those that aren't are now too short in the legs, so we had to dig out the safety pins before Mass on Sunday. And he fits equally well in 18mo and 2T sweaters, and is wearing 3T-4T socks. What size is my kid wearing these days? I have no idea.

After helping me wade through sorting too-big clothes into boxes the other week, Little Bear picked up on how the sizing system works and is ridiculously proud of the fact that he wears size 2T. As he's getting dressed in the morning, he happily points to each piece of clothing as it goes on: "2T pants! 2T shirt! 2T sweater!" 

The other day while we talked to Matt's parents on Skype, about clothes and haircuts, he apparently put two and two together and came up with I just got a haircut. I wear 2T. It's a "2T haircut!" Since then he's been running his hand through his hair mimicking the clippers, saying "Vrr, vrr. 2T haircut!" and looking very proud of himself.

I thought, as I cut his hair in late August, that I was timing it perfectly: it was short for the end of summer, but it'd be longer (and warmer) by the time it got cold. Ha! After last fall's "Indian summer" with no snow or particularly cold weather until into November, we are freezing. Literally. It's supposed to get down to 29 degrees Fahrenheit tonight.

We spent the coldest Labor Day that I can remember--it didn't even reach 50 degrees out--bundled in fleece and sweaters and wool socks, stubbornly insisting that we weren't turning on the heat or lighting a fire because it was only September 1, for crying out loud. I finally gave in before bed and turned the thermostat up to 65, and waking up this morning was so much less unpleasant than it was yesterday. Fortunately, it looks like we will be reaching at least the mid-50s for the rest of the week.

I like fall weather, but goodness, we're tumbling toward winter temperatures a little too quickly here!


  1. I feel you on the clothes! Andrew is in 3T shorts, but 4T pants, and 5T tops, except his white button-up shirt which is still 4T, and he still wears his 3T suit. And both my kids wear dapper-snappers and I go for the pants with adjustable waist-bands when possible, which helps me at least have pants the right length, even if the waist is too big! (which is a tendency in my 90th percentile height 5th percentile weight boys!) btw, if you want to look through some clothes when you guys are out here, I'm going to be going through our 2T and 24mo clothes soon to see what we need and what I'm going to get rid of. Peter's currently in 24mo top, and 18mo bottom, but there are some 2T tops that he fits in. And his socks are still 12-24mo. I hear ya on standardizing clothing size! It gets worse as they grow...I don't buy anything for Andrew unless I try it on him now. (but accept any freebies or garage sale finds!)

    1. I think we're pretty much set on 24mo and 2T clothes right now, but thank you for offering!