05 September 2014

Seven Quick Takes of quiet and busyness, diagramming and grizzly bears

It's not even 10:30 am, and the day is already weird: Little Bear, who has been reliably napping from 12:30 to 2:30 pm, is sprawled asleep across my lap. But I intended for that to happen; we have a long crazy afternoon ahead of us, and the only way he was going to get a nap today at all was if I could get him down for a super early one. It's not often that I'm happy about him insisting that it's time to get up an hour early, but I gladly made an exception today!

A bunch of local homeschooling families (and pre-school-kid-having families) will be meeting for noon Mass today, followed by a back-to-school picnic at a local park. At 51 degrees it's a little bit chilly for a picnic, but it's certainly warmer than Monday was! I'm looking forward to seeing other moms and letting Little Bear run around. I stuck mittens in my purse in case he'll let me put them on him, and since he's been sniffly I should probably try to stick a hat on him as well. If we have a hat that fits. I think we do. Since the picnic would have interfered with nap time anyway, I figured it made more sense to have him sleep early and them stay in town and do errands between the picnic and picking Matt up from work.

One of Matt's night classes started yesterday. It's going to be a strange semester with him out until after bed time two nights a week. Little Bear kept running around looking for Dada, because he knew it was past time for him to have been home... We'll find things to do together in the quiet evenings while he's in class, though. Last night, Little Bear sat on the counter and helped me make a Mediterranean quinoa salad to bring to today's potluck picnic. He was very enthusiastic about getting all of the feta out of the little container and into the bowl!

Last Sunday my parents hosted a "last party of summer," which was definitely more of a first party of fall given the temperatures, but regardless of what it was called it was a lot of fun. I think my dad said they had more than 40 people over the course of the afternoon and evening. Matt and I both got to talk to other adults—a too-rare occurance some weeks—and Little Bear ran around after all of the older kids. Our contribution to the potluck was a pecan shortbread-sweetened cream cheese-blueberry pie filling layered dessert:

I thought about typing out the recipe, but it's really pretty self-explanatory, isn't it?

Speaking of recipes, I've finally added a tab up on the top bar for a page with links to all of the recipes I've posted: it's nothing fancy, but now I can find my chicken Proven├žal recipe without having to try to find the post from the night before Little Bear was born. Why I haven't written that down on paper yet I have no idea... but at least I know where it is! I'll try to remember to update the link list when I add new recipe posts.

I lay awake for the longest time last night trying to figure out to how diagram a sentence from a children's song. In "I stand up," I is of course the subject, and stand is the verb. Up would hang below stand as a modifier, right? It's been way too long since I've done this.

And for the "what are we going to do with this child?!?" category: 

I don't think they're dancing. 

Have a good weekend! Visit Conversion Diary for more quick takes.

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