30 September 2014

What month is it, again?

I thought it was September. Maybe my calendar is wrong.

Snow? Today? It could have waited one more day, and then I wouldn't have anything legitimate to complain about because it's supposed to snow in October. But snow on the ground, sitting there not melting as more and more continues to fall? Not supposed to happen in September. I took that photo before breakfast this morning; by now, you certainly can't see any evidence that we were running around on the driveway:

Not exactly shoveling-the-driveway accumulation yet, so I really don't have anything to complain about. Snow today or tomorrow, it wouldn't be any warmer.  And white snow is prettier than dead brown leaves and grass. I'm not super unhappy about it; I'm just annoyed with the snow as a matter of principle. 

Little Bear was really excited to be running around in the snow this morning, which is good; he's going to be doing a whole lot of that between now and next May! It's possible that this will melt, but it may just stick around and become the bottom layer of our hardpack. The ponds we pass heading in and out of town held onto their layer of ice all day long yesterday, so we may have entered the "always and forever cold". 

Maybe I wasn't quite ready for that to happen yet, but it has it's own perks: being able to say because there's snow on the ground! when Little Bear doesn't want to wear mittens; not worrying about having the afternoon suddenly warm up when I've made a pot of soup for supper; enjoying fires in the fireplace... whenever we get that working. Matt's learning an awful lot about fireplace mechanics as we try to figure out why our fires won't stay lit!

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