22 September 2014

7 in 7 time

Okay, I officially feel like the worst lazy blogger ever. No posts since two Saturdays ago? I'm pretty sure I haven't let that much time slide since I had a newborn. (But don't go check, okay? Thanks.) 

But I have an excuse! Multiple excuses. Good ones. Little Bear and I spent last week at my parents' house cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, and homeschooling my three youngest siblings so my parents could take a trip. And my phone doesn't like talking to their internet, so when I had something I wanted to write about, I couldn't blog even if I could find a bit of free time. And of free time, there wasn't a ton; they say that once your oldest kid reaches 7 (some say 10), everything gets easier, but I have to say that comparing life with my sole 2-year-old to last week with a 13, 10, 6, and 2-year-old, I'm pretty sure I did a lot more work there. Some of that was certainly "Mom and Dad are gone, let's relax!" syndrome, and a good chunk was the 6-year-old's selective hearing, but goodness, I'm so grateful to just have one kid to be taking care of today!

(Although I'm sure it would have been different if they were my kids, rather than them being my siblings, simply because the relationship is very different. I definitely don't mean to say that my life wouldn't be as good with more than one kid! Having just one kid is all kinds of hard in its own way, and we're hoping we'll be able to give him siblings.)

The week was also made more stressful by me not seeing Matt for most of the week; he came over for supper on Tuesday, but had night classes Wednesday and Thursday so he couldn't swing by after work, and I didn't get to spend time with him again until he picked us up Friday after getting off work. I guess I learned an important lesson from that: Since he has those night classes all semester, and I now know just how hard it is for me to not see him from Tuesday night through Friday afternoon, I'll be making more of an effort to get up early with him Wednesday and Thursday mornings so we can have a little bit of time together before he leaves.

My weekend was swallowed up by a nasty sinus infection, accompanied Friday—Saturday by a migraine. Pain killers have been helping, but the sinus infection is still hanging on and I'm hoping and praying that Little Bear and Matt don't catch it. Also my doctor started me on a new medication on Wednesday, and my body has been making sure that I know how unhappy it is to have to adapt to this. Overall I've just been pretty out of it recently.

Long week, many excuses, no blogging. Anyway. Since I'd been slowly slacking off on posting even before disappearing last week, I'm challenging myself this week to write 7 posts in 7 days, and I'm actually writing it down here because last time I just made a mental note and only wound up posting three times that week. So if it looks like I'm going to miss a day, call me on it! I really want to actually get my 7 in 7 this week.

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